Sonia Cabré
Visual Artist
& Art Director

Artist based in Barcelona with a strong focus in art, nature, cultural, educational projects and wherever there is a soul. Specializing in creating creative concepts and developing off & digital campaigns. Accents: Art Direction, Graphic design, Illustration, Visual language, Video and promt AI. 

Has experience of working with small and big clients. Previous experience includes design, identity, and animation projects as well as posters, visual applications, campaigns and social media content. She loves building worlds that consist of creative elements. With a background in Fine Arts and Graphic Design (UCM, Madrid), postdegree in Illustration and New Media (Bau, Barcelona) and a master in Art Direction (Labasad, Barcelona).

Sonia is working at Digital Deep Business, the creative department of LLYC Barcelona as Art Director and Graphic Designer, since January of 2022.

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